You Can Control Stress

Here are some shifts you can make to reduce stress:

Get physical.  Make exercise a part of your day—even taking the stairs instead of the elevator counts. Besides a million other positives, exercise enhances your ability to cope. Physical exertion provides you with the confidence and strength to keep slicing through adversity.

SleepSeven to eight hours of sleep is a must to help refresh your mind. Throughout the night, your brain processes the day’s information and prepares itself for gathering and receiving tomorrow’s data. Without proper rest, you begin stacking new thoughts on top of old ones and the resulting overload takes the form of stress.

Be realistic. You can avoid stress by dropping any unrealistic expectations you might have, such as needing unanimous approval for everything you do, thinking people should always respond the way you anticipate them to, and expecting to win every time.


Adapted from your Workday, by B. Hemphill and P. Quinn Gibbard (Reader’s Digest)