What Role-Playing Excercises can Do for Your Leadership Skills and Team Building

Leadership activity: Non-Leaders Can Benefit Too

Role Playing in Business Leadership
Role Playing in Business Leadership

Some aren’t so lucky to be born with the natural skills that we recognise in our leaders. For those people it is important to prepare a good leadership activity so that they can acquire and practise the skills required to lead a group of people. This can be in a professional setting, or a social context.

Enjoying the Activity

Role-playing in a leadership activity can make it a pleasurable experience, even fun! It should certainly be interesting as those involved act out the various scenarios. Anyone who may otherwise feel awkward or uncomfortable when surrounded by a group should hopefully feel that much more relaxed and it is. As a result the learning process should be facilitated.

Ideally, leadership activity should give the person the chance to experience specific scenarios from the perspective of the leader and those being led. In this way they will learn the necessary understanding of the needs of the group from the individual’s perspective. This understanding can help them in acquiring the skills to be a more effective leader.

In this role-playing activity, one person assumes the role of leader, and the followers work together under the leadership towards a shared goal. After this, someone else will have the opportunity to lead the group while that person then retreats within the group. During the leadership activity all participants should have opportunity to assume both roles.

There should be a constant alteration of the goals set and the leaders, thereby making the tasks more difficult and the challenges more rewarding. Participants then have to respond in real-time to the challenges as they are presented to them – just as in a real life leadership context.

All those involved in any kind of management, or position of authority over others, should be trained using some type of leadership activity. Participants may include; executives, teachers, policemen and supervisors.

Of course this doesn’t just apply to the workplace, we need leaders in social settings too. There are those who feel uncomfortable constantly following the wishes of the group, and desire to assert themselves more. They may wish to work towards personal objectives and will doubtless gain much from a well conducted leadership activity.

Ethics and Leadership

It is important to stress that with leadership activity the aim must be the creation of effective leaders. It is not to get one over on those around you, or to take advantage of followers. Ethics are therefore important for leaders and should be emphasised as part of a good leadership activity.

We should find then that good leaders result from a good leadership activity.

Mark J Emslie has been a business leader most of his working life. There is more useful information and additional resources on Business Leadership Training at http://www.Leadership4All.com.

Author: Mark J Emslie