What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

“Through the SOS alignment process we achieved far more than I would have ever expected.” (Project Director, major E&P Company)

“I can’t believe we did not start these leadership processes early, get the next groups started!” (President, Fortune 25 International Engineering Company)

“The strategic planning and mapping process allowed everyone to participate and create a plan that is workable, achievable and all have bought into it!” (President, Fortune 100 Engineering Company)

“The leadership program pulled us together a team.  The vision statement we created made everything jell and captured a guiding focus for improving our interrelationships and interactions.  It allowed facilitated bonding that would not have otherwise occurred.” (Operations Manager, Fortune 50 Engineering Company)

“The goal setting process has helped us focus and stay aligned with our strategy objectives.  We have rolled this down through the departments and tied it into individual performance contracts with huge success.” (Manager, Fortune 50 Company)

“The Cycle Time Reduction process helped us reduced our project process time by over 35%. We were ready to start immediately and everyone knew his place, staff needs and actions to meet the schedule! This is absolutely an outstanding alignment and scheduling enhancement tool.” (Project Director, Major E&P Company)

“I feel I can recommend it to anyone who wants to measurably improve their effectiveness as a manager, an individual and as a leader.” (Project Manager, Engineering Company)

“I believe any entrepreneur or CEO serious about planning for the future and his/her company’s growth would find their money well spent by taking a little time to go through this course that will help define their vision, values and mission as an organization.” (President, Consulting Company)

“I have seen most of this before but never have I seen it put together in such a succinct process. I wish that I had this a long time ago. The personal development side really made a difference in my attitude and adoption of the process.” (Manager, Major Engineering Company)

“I wish we had known and participated in the negotiating training program before. It has really helped with our skills and cultural preparation for going to Korea! This is really a great negotiating preparation tool workshop.” (Project Manager, International E&P Company)

“They are experts at business mapping, strategy execution and market penetration. They also have an extraordinary network that helped me rollout my business and product. ” (Business Owner, Technology Development Startup Company)