The Top 10 Traits of Super Star Business People

Emotional Intelligence is more important then IQ in superstar success.

1. They listen well and have great oral communication skills.

They have mastered the art of listening, can hold off giving their opinion, and keep an open mind to what is being said. They also can speak in a positive, friendly and encouraging manner even when giving constructive feedback.

2. They are adaptable and have creative responses to setbacks and obstacles.

These super star performers look creatively and hopefully at setbacks and turn those obstacles into opportunities.

3. Highly successful people have strong personal management skills and confidence.

They don’t need to have someone constantly supervising them to complete the job. They do things in an organized manner and are confident of the outcome.

4. Highly effective business people possess group and interpersonal effectiveness.

Top performers have exceptional group skills in cooperation, teamwork, and negotiating skills.

5. They are effective in the organization they work in.

They want to make a contribution to the organization and have leadership potential. They often start with informal power and then are promoted to formal leadership.

6. They posses the emotional skill of self-control.

They are composed under pressure and remain calm, confident, and dependable.

7. They are conscientious.

Peak performers take responsibility to fix problems and then move on.

8. High performers are trustworthy.

They have high integrity, with concern for the needs of others.

9. Our superstars have great social skills.

They are empathetic, sensitive and show tact for all levels of workers around them.

10. They build bonds and leverage diversity.

They demonstrate cooperation, appreciate, and enroll the diversity of people around them.

Submitted by Iris Fanning, Coach University Trained; M.A.- Psychology Counseling and Guidance; B.S. Psychology; Popular Success.