The Secret of Learn to Learn!

Are you frustrated by the lack of desire for learning?

I’ll be honest with you. I am not surprised!. Most of us have never ever learned anything about learn to learn. But before I continue, what do I mean with “Learn to Learn”?.

Well, learning to learn is something completely different than what normally happens at school. Here’s what normally happens. Teachers start with telling us how to learn to read. Within a few years we are capable to read almost everything that crosses our eyes. No problem so far!. But the moment we are able to read, teachers start to bombard us with information. They show us what we are supposed to know. They set a date on which we will be examined. We are supposed to go home, do our homework (which will consist out of cramming the information) and on the set date we must REPRODUCE what the teacher told us to learn.

But how good is this system? We barely are able to read and we already need stuff info in our heads. We know nothing about our brain. We do not realize what our brain loves to do. We should know about brain principles which would help us to remember the information we want to remember on the long term. What is the purpose of this system?

Well, I mean this, take a look at and watch ‘did you know version 3’. First of all, we don’t need to concentrate on knowledge anymore. We should concentrate on how to find the correct knowledge. And more importantly we need to start to learn how to learn to learn brain friendly. Why? Again, look at the movie at YouTube. We are dealing with an immense avalanche of information. We cannot possibly keep up with the amount of information which is available to us. It really is worthless to cram information. Ok, I agree we need to know how to do match and languages. But as soon as we are capable dealing with that, we need to start to learn to learn. One of the tools we can use for this is mind mapping. Mind mapping is a technique that cooperates with the way your brain loves to operate. Mind mapping works with the brain principles!. 10 simple rules will dramatically increase your information processing power and I promise you’ll remember everything with ease if you do it according the mind map rules which were invented by the originator, Tony Buzan.

Combine this with other brain friendly techniques like speed reading and you will be equipped with all the necessary tools in order to handle the avalanche of information.

Most of us don’t even realize it; this is the situation: “We have a photographic memory, but the lens cover is glued on”. But the moment you’re capable of mind mapping and maybe even combined with speed reading, the lens cover will be gone.

Jack Brutschin is a professional and buzan licensed mind mapper. Learn to learn is something that will help you with everything you do in life. Therefore Jack opened a free mind map training site so that everybody in the world is able to learn to learn for free.

Author: Jack Brutschin
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