How To Keep Your Customers Happy

Customer satisfactions is your primary means to success. It costs more to find and develop a new customer then it does to ensure that the one you have is satisfied and will return.  Follow these step on how to keep your customers happy.

Make Customers #1
Make Customers #1

1. Ask your customers to rate you on your customer service.

2. Hold customer feedback meetings at least quarterly. Discuss issues, challenges, what they like and dislike, and how you can serve them better in the future.

3. After the meeting, take action on the recommendations.

4. When responding to a complaint, have the person or department that is responsible take action in the resolution of the complaint.

5. Communicate with your customers often. Use a company newsletter to  update your customers on products and services, issues you are working on, and any changes you are making.

6. Celebrate your successes and your customer’s successes openly. Have these successes published in your newsletter, throughout your departments, and in press releases.

7. Always celebrate your employee’s successes to your customers and to your other employees. This will let everyone know that you value your people.

8. Go above and beyond your customer’s expectations. Keep your word. Always deliver on time or earlier than expected and at a higher quality  than your customers expected.

9. Give your customers more than they paid for every time.

10. Have fun. Let your customers know that you enjoy what you are doing.

Keeping your customers happy is your first priority – they are you means to success.

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