How Safety Training Can Make Your Work Place a Nicer Place to Be

Safety In The Work Place

How safe is your work place?
How safe is your work place?

The purpose of safety training in the work place is to develop and encourage a safe environment for workers, management, family members, customers, nearby communities, suppliers, as well as various other members of the community and public in general who may be affected by the workplace environment. The benefits for business range from reducing insurance costs to saving lives. Regardless of the industry in which you work, an understanding of the safety issues relevant to your job can make your work place a nicer place to be. Safety is critical where working with heavy machinery, hazardous chemicals, repetitive activities for instance, but training can also be valuable in other occupations such as service station attendants avoiding assaults, for instance.

A good health and safety policy for the workplace should aim to: promote and maintain the highest degree of social, mental and physical wellbeing of all workers within the organisation; preventing ill-health amongst workers due to their individual working conditions; protecting workers from risks resulting from the type of work in which they are employed or exposed to and; ensuring staff are placed in a work environment suited to their psychological and physiological capabilities.

There are many reasons that safety training can make your workplace a nicer place to be; the first and most important benefit of this training is to save lives and prevent injury. When staff know that their health, safety and welfare are being looked after in the workplace, general morale and respect for authority improves. Morale is also improved by the fact that all employees participate in the training, encouraging mutual respect for the different roles within your business.

Another important thing to remember is that safety in the workplace means more productive workers. Safety training can assist in the reduction of unplanned leave due to health and safety issues caused by working conditions, if you have injuries and health problems resulting in staff being unable to work or with reduced productivity, this will cause a loss to the business and also places greater pressure on other staff members, making your workplace a less pleasant place to be. With adequate instruction, staff can work safely without having to worry about serious injuries such as back injury, which could leave them unable to work or perform daily activities.

An added benefit for business is that insurance costs for employers, can also be reduced, by providing evidence that safe workplace practices are implemented and monitored. These savings could be used to initiate safe work practice incentives within your company, providing rewards for teams that go a certain amount of time without an incident or initiate proactive safety procedures for instance.

The benefits of safety in the workplace are evident. Employee health and safety, morale, confidence and productivity increase while insurance costs and unplanned leave are reduced. Employees can feel safe and comfortable in their working environment and a safe and comfortable work environment is a much nicer place to be.

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Author: Harry Worthington