Did You Know Opportunity is Knocking at Your Door Right Now – During a Recession?

Finding you directions.
Finding your direction.

Are you going to accept that business opportunity and thrive from it? It’s the opportunity only a recession can bring about. People and businesses are in great need these days. Many challenges, problems and needs are longing for solutions during a recession. People and businesses have had to make changes in the way the live and do business. These changes generate a whole new set of challenges and issues, thus opportunities to provide solutions in the form of products and/or services. Observe what’s going on, listen to what people say and do and you’ll become aware of opportunities to help others in the personal lives and business. think creatively, to dream, to seek out, to observe and learn about challenges. You have or can find the solutions and profit from these new and developing challenges.

How you find an opportunity. Ask yourself these questions and write down the answers. Just to let you know, money is NOT the response to these questions.

1. What are the major needs and necessities of businesses today that they don’t have or are short of?

2. What are significant, basic needs individuals and families have today?

3. What knowledge, experience have you had over the years that can assist each group of people?

4. What skills do you have from your life experiences, career, whatever – that can provide these needs?

5. What existing products do you have or know others have that can be a solution to these needs?

Use your creativity to come up with ideas that will solve the problems and concerns you see, hear and experience. There are more questions, but these will bring forth many good ideas. And, of course, ask other people to get more ideas and solutions. You’ll be surprised at the number of ideas and solutions (opportunities) you will create.

Have fun Choosing an Opportunity: That’s your first task. Choose one, no more than two related opportunities to develop further. You can make your choice in several ways.

a. Choose something you really enjoy, something you have a passion for. Passion makes the work feel so easy. It’s fun, because you enjoy what you are doing.

b. Do brief research and survey of a few people to learn how many people need and will purchase your product(s) and/or services.

A survey of your market niche is important.

c. Determine is you have to develop the product or service or if there is already a solution available that you can market at a profit.

Opportunity is knocking at your door right now. Are you going to open the door, grab the opportunity and make it come to life and profit? It’s up to you to choose.

What’s Next? There are unlimited number of ways to develop that opportunity into a money-making machine…to monetize the solutions. That is a topic for another discussion.

Barbara Filla Business and Life Style Coach and Successful Entrepreneur, helps many become the next success story. Whether you’re looking to create and build a successful business, be an ex-corporate CEO of your own home-based business, the next millionaire Mom or Dad, Barbara can assist you to create a second stream of income and greater peace of mind.



Author: Barbara Filla