Challenging Power Questions!

 Ever get tired of asking “What keeps you up at night?” and “If you could wave a magic wand, … “? Here are 8 more power questions to keep in your arsenal:

  1. What is it about your current situation that you don’t like?
  2. If you could change just one thing, what would it be?
  3. Tell me how you deal with (name something that you’ve helped someone else overcome).
  4. What have you tried in the past to fix the problem?
  5. How fast have things changed?
  6. If you could solve that problem, what would it help you achieve?
  7. How much are you willing to invest to solve the problem?
  8. How do you see my part in the solution?

Do you have any Power Questions that have worked for you recently? Share then with our Blog!

Contributions by RAC-TQI