Organizational Development Definition

Organization development definition is not very difficult. It is simply a planned effort to increase the organization’s effectiveness and capability. Organizational development brings changes to the attitudes, values and beliefs of organization, so that people can adapt to new technologies and challenges of the business. OD includes both inventions and innovations along with the involvement of major stakeholders and people in the organization in the process of growth and development.

The other definition for organizational development is when two or more people function together to achieve a common goal i.e. success as defined by the key performance indicators of the organization. Organizational development (OD) is the long range effort to solve the problems in the workplace.

According to practical experience, OD can also be defined as the process of working together with organizations, organization leaders and organization groups in bringing systematic change to the root problems and hence increasing productivity and employee satisfaction. OD offers three things: what we do, how we do and the results we get. By properly understanding all three aspects, you can solve critical aspects of the organization. We can say hundreds of definitions for OD but it can be simply summarize as the process for a group to achieve its goals, mission and vision in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

It can also be defined as the process in which the organization develops the capability and capacity of individual workers and managers most effectively and efficiently to provide mission work that can be sustained in the long term. This definition connects OD with the mission and vision dreamed by the founders. It is a complex strategy that brings changes in each and every aspect of the organization. OD is the process which is designed to produce the particular kind of end result.

OD involves following four components: organizational reflection, system improvement, planning and self-analysis.

OD is termed as a growing field that is responsible for many new approaches which includes positive adult development. Does OD bring any effectiveness in organizational profitability? Yes of course. It plays major role in business profit.

Advantages of organizational development

o It improves organizational communication.
o Enhances the intelligence, leadership and managerial ability of the organization.
o OD assists for managerial development, especially for newly appointed managers.
o Sets goals for future and brings new ideas and plans for organizational development.
o Brings effectiveness in terms of business growth and profit.

Given the present situation of businesses at this time, how can you implement this in your organizational setting? How can you deal with problems that arise in organizational change and development?

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