4 Keys to Predictable and Reliable Results


As executive adviser Jacques Neatby wrote in Harvard Business Review:
As one executive once put it to me, ‘the CEO is the most manipulated person in the organization.’ He was reacting to the myth that CEOs, perched as they are atop the organization, see and know everything. Research and experience tell a very different story: CEOs actually find it difficult to obtain the information they need.
In their efforts to gather relevant information from your team (How is the work going? Will we get to our destination on time? What do we need to do differently?), leaders often err on the side of:
  • Too much information. They personally pore over every every graph, slide deck, and spreadsheet, but there’s so much irrelevant noise that they easily lose the signal.
  • Too little information. They seal themselves up in their office and don’t try to tap the perspective of their team. Their decision-making falls out of sync with reality, and they are unable to steer the enterprise.
  • Not the real information. They are given just enough information to allay concerns or deficiencies in their team’s performance or accountability; not the whole truth.
The net effect of these errors is the same: unreliable company performance. Getting the right information in the right amounts is a challenge, but there is a quicker and more accurate way: Khorus-a platform built to help CEOs monitor the real results of their companies:
1.  Get the right context. Khorus helps cascade the employee’s insights in context of company goals and objectives. It’s not just more noise; it’s useful, actionable data about the performance of your team from the bottom-up when and as often as you want it.
2.  Get quantitative and qualitative insight. Sometimes how the employee feels in his or her gut and his perspective is just as important as the raw numbers. Khorus gives you balanced feedback.
3.  Get information about the future, not the past. If you’re just getting historical information from the organization, you’re a rear-view leader. Khorus helps you see ahead by asking for predictions, insights and feedback from the bottom up.
4.  Start the feedback loop. As a communication platform, Khorus lays the foundation for critical two-way conversations and accountability that helps everyone get on the same page and avoid barriers to success.
Khorus online platform was engineered to help CEOs deliver consistent, predictable and reliable performance results.  At The SOS Group Inc., we’re now partnering with Khorus, and it’s a powerful combination. You get help from SOS as you develop and implement your winning strategic mission and goals that spells success for your business, plus Khorus as an online platform for collecting and monitoring feedback from the organization to assure predictable and reliable results.
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