4 Cultural Benefits of a Great Strategy-Execution System

ba6fbf5a-2d6b-4adb-9159-c2af4592ecb2Every leader wants their team to have a great culture. But it’s impossible to create or modify culture directly—you can only fuel culture through the organizational systems you create.

As Jay Lorsch and Emily McTague write in the latest issue of Harvard Business Review, “Culture isn’t something you ‘fix.’ Rather . . . cultural change is what you get after you’ve put new processes or structures in place to tackle tough business challenges.”

In the previous two posts in this series, we’ve covered one of the most critical processes any business can set up: a repeatable system for translating company strategy into on-the-ground execution. Khorus was purpose-built to help CEOs implement such a system, which includes:

  • Getting clear on the short-term strategic priorities of the business.
  • Cascading those priorities down into executable goals for the entire team.
  • Soliciting regular quantitative and qualitative insight from employees on how the goals are going. 

Let’s take a look at the specific ways we see cultures evolve when leadership excels at turning strategy into action.

1. Accountability becomes a cornerstone. Accountability is about ensuring that every employee, from the CEO to the frontline, makes clear commitments and keeps them. A transparent, companywide strategy-execution system builds this discipline in a positive, rather than punitive, manner. (And your employees actually want accountability.)

2. Everyone gets in on the game. Every business sets goals, but in the vast majority of companies, most employees feel out of the loop. A robust strategy-execution system involves everyone in the game plan—turning a collection of individuals into a real team.

3. People communicate better. When everyone knows the plan and the role they have to play, communication gets more focused and value-packed. Confusing updates and wild goose chases are replaced by meaningful conversations. This pays off culturally and financially: as Towers Watson has shown, “Companies with high effectiveness in change management and communication are three and a half times more likely to significantly outperform their industry peers.”

4. Employees think ahead. Especially if your strategy-execution system collects explicitly predictive insight (“Will you complete your goal on time?”), like Khorus does, people get really good at thinking ahead. They learn to communicate about likely outcomes and solve small problems before they become big problems—all of which leads to more predictable results.


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