Finding and Creating Business Opportunities

Find Business Opportunities

How, in your own lives can you find and more importantly create opportunities?

In the Chinese language, you have the character representing crisis and the character representing change. When these are combined you have the character representing opportunity. Now why is that? Why is it that when crisis and change merge you have opportunity?

Because when crisis and change merge you have disequilibria. You have changing laws or changing conditions. New needs and problems are created and often it is up to the entrepreneurs to fill those needs.

Whenever you experience new things or the world around is changing, there will always be lots of opportunities. Here are some tips for finding, creating, and taking advantage of opportunities.

– You must live your life wholly and fully as an entrepreneur. Your job isn’t being an entrepreneur. You ARE an entrepreneur. You must keep your eyes open at all times.

– The more you travel to other regions and countries, the more opportunities you will see. Often in other places things are done differently or there are good products that haven’t yet reached your country.

– You must be a networker. The more people you talk to the more opportunities you will find out about. It is not just what you know but also who you know and how well you know them that counts.

– You must be in it for the long run. You cannot be discouraged by setbacks or mistakes. You must have perseverance, learn from your mistakes, and keep going. As you learn more and gain more experience you’ll be able to see and be prepared for more and more opportunities.

– The world is filled with opportunities just waiting to be found by an energetic and intelligent person.

– Too many people wait for opportunities to come to them. Don’t. Don’t wait for the opportunities to come to you. Create the opportunity for yourself. This is what entrepreneurs do. We see a need or a problem and from that derive an idea. Then, through doing all those steps I listed a few minutes ago we create an opportunity that hopefully will be validated in the marketplace.

– You must have the opportunity mindset. You must be looking for and evaluating opportunities constantly. You must make time to talk to others about what opportunities they are pursuing. You must become magnetized towards opportunity.

Let me conclude this section with a quote from one of my favorite authors. His name is Napoleon Hill and the quote is “Every adversity comes with it a seed of equal or greater benefit.” “Every adversity comes with it a seed of equal or greater benefit.” Another good quote is, “There is no person worth remembering that lived a life of ease.”

You will be discovering many many opportunities for learning, for partnership, for collaboration during your lives. From the adversity of life there will come many benefits and opportunities. Take advantage of every one of them.

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Author: Ryan Allis

Can Anyone Become A Successful Business Person?

Successful Business

Can anyone become a successful business person? I am asked this question many times after I have given a speech on business procedures and strategies. The answer is not that simple.

Before we get to the answer, let me ask you a question. Can anyone become a successful medical doctor? To become a doctor, there are several very important factors that have to be given a lot of careful thought and consideration.

First, you have to be interested in the field of medicine. Then develop a passion for this profession – find out all you can, do plenty of research and get professional advice.

Once you have made your firm decision, you have to go to medical school and learn from the work of those who have researched, developed and established the field of medicine through trial and error.

When you graduate from medical school, you have another very important decision to make. Are you going to specialize in any particular field of medicine like cardiology, gynecology, anesthesiology or any other particular area of medicine.

If you decide to specialize, you will have to go back to school and qualify in your chosen field.

After you graduate, you will have to serve an internship either at a hospital or with a specialist in your field who might decide to take you under his or her wing and give you some hands on practical experience under supervision.

Then you will be ready to venture out on your own. You can set up your own office or join a group of doctors who work from one office.

Some doctors, after graduating from medical college and having served an internship, decide to go into general practise. General practitioners, who usually act as “Family Doctors” examine patients and refer them to specialists to deal with a particular medical problem.

For example, a person with a heart problem will be refered to a cardiologist; a person with a skin problem to a dermatologist and so on.

Becoming a medical doctor is not easy. You have to be interested in the field of medicine, develop a passion, be dedicated, educate yourself, get the proper training and work at it passionately on a consistant basis.

Since new discoveries are being made in the field of medicine constantly by researchers and other scientists, everyone in the medical profession has to keep up with all the new developments.

I have never heard of any doctor who has gone through all the education, training, internship etc. failing in this profession. There are those who might change course. For example, a general practitioner might decide to go into research.

But doctors never fail to be doctors unless they give up or retire. Doctors take their profession very seriously and succeed always. There is no such thing as failure in the medical profession.

Now to get to the question, “Can anyone become a successful medical doctor?” The answer is “Yes! Anyone who really wants to can become a successful medical doctor.”

The key words here are, “Anyone who really wants to.”

Let us get back to our original question. “Can anyone become a successful business person?” The answer is, “Yes! Anyone who really wants to, can become a successful business person.”

To become a successful business person, you will have to make several important choices. choices like,

1) What type of business do you want to get into? 2) Are you passionate about the field you have chosen? 3) Are you willing to devote enough time and energy to your business? 4) Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed? 5) Are you willing to stick to it till you succeed?

Then you have to research your field of interest, educate yourself, get the proper training, lay the foundation and work at it consistantly. If you do everything properly, success is inevitable. Ask any successful business person and he or she will tell you what they had to go through to achieve success.

A business should be taken seriously and treated like a profession, not as a hobby. Then with the correct, persistant action taken on a daily basis, you are sure to succeed. There is no doubt about it.

Those who do not succeed in business are the ones who are looking for “An easy way to make money.” These are the same people who buy lottery tickets and hope to strike it rich overnight. According to statistics, the chances of a person winning a lottery is one in 168 million.

But the chances of succeeding in a business, if done in the proper way is 100%. There is no “Easy way” to make money in any business. Passion, dedication, knowledge, education, hard work are all necessary ingredients. Once you get started and get some experience under your belt, things will become easier and easier.

Yes! Anyone who really wants to, can become a successful business person and make a living or even become very rich. Lots of people who have followed the correct path have succeeded in business and are continuing to do so. “Everyone wants to succeed but few are willing to pay the price.”

You can become a successful business person “If You Really Want To.”

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